Count My Vote Donations

The following was compiled courtesy of Keep My Voice.

Please see corresponding tabs below for detailed accounting reports (by year, top donors, etc.) by clicking here and selecting the tabs at the bottom of the screen.
The following data is public and was researched and compiled from the Utah Lt Gov’s website
Alliance for Good Government 20132013$ 415,216.00
Alliance for Good Government 20142014$ 1,133,892.00
Friends of Count My Vote 20142014$ 120,181.00
Friends of Count My Vote 20152015$ 69,267.00
Friends of Count My Vote 20162016$ 226,794.00
CMV PAC 20162016$ 339,572.00
Count My Vote Inc 20172017$ 235,891.00
Count My Vote Inc 20182018$ 574,402.54
Grand Total $ 3,115,215.54

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About Us

Delegate Digest is dedicated the mission of protecting and rejuvenating the Neighborhood Caucus/Convention System.

We believe the best way to protect the caucus system is to rejuvenate it. Simply implementing it’s inherit organizational structure, unique at the grassroots level, will show people how genius small government representation truly is, and how vastly superior it is to pure democracy.

Rather than protecting the status quo, we need to implement modern technology to help get people to their caucus meeting, and keep them involved and informed in the time between.

Our hope is that upon seeing the caucus system fully implemented and representing their views, the citizens of Utah will laugh at attempts to subvert or destroy the caucus system.