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As the divide between parties widens, some voices in the Utah Republican Party are calling for Republicans to be less traditional and more “inclusive” of other ideas. They claim the Republican Party cannot survive holding onto our principles, that it will be overrun by Left leaning moderates and Democrats, that we will never get anyone elected unless we give some ground. Essentially, the call for “Unity at all costs!” is a call for Republicans to become Democrat-lite. A party of RINOs.

This tactic of constant appeasement and giving ground on important issues never works. While we may be able to elect politicians with an “R” next to their name, would it really matter? If they are voting for values that do not reflect the Republican Party Platform, who cares whether they have an “R” or a “D” next to their name when they vote? They would not represent us Republicans if they do not align with our platform on (at least) the majority of issues.

Appeasement has frustrated traditional Conservative voters so much we formed the Tea Party, and then elected the most unlikely man to the office of President for no other reason than to “drain the swamp.”

This raises a few questions: Do these calls of alarm have any merit? What or who are the driving forces behind them? Most importantly, should Republicans give up on Conservative principles and conform to Left leaning moderates and Democrats?

New research indicates that there is no merit behind the fears of the Republican Party being overshadowed by Democrats. A Pew Research Center survey indicates that Republican voters want the parties to be more Conservative, not less. 

Not only that, but a majority of Democrat voters also want their party to go further right, to be less Liberal and more moderate, as well.

Why is this? Likely because Americans recognize that Conservative principles work. They are more practical, more charitable, more humane, and more moral than Big Government ideas. As much as many Americans have disapproved of President Trump, limited government policies are being proven (again) to work, and to work very well.

Who is Behind It?

Who, then, is behind the call for the Republican Party to be less principled? The obvious answer is those who know they or their candidates cannot win elections as Conservative Republicans. They must, therefore, convince us that voters who support Republican principles are in the minority, rather than a majority, of the party and the population.

Does it Matter?

Let’s say the Pew survey is completely wrong, that everyone really is becoming less Conservative and more Liberal.

Does truth depend upon popularity? Will Big Government principles suddenly become effective just because people are misinformed? 

No, if Conservative voters were becoming more rare, that would only mean that we would need to redouble our efforts in sharing true principles. 

Truth resonates with the human heart. Many need only hear the truth to accept it and begin acting upon it.

How Exclusive Should We Be?

This, in no way, means we should be unkind as we share true principles. We may unknowingly offend or drive off allies in our contest for freedom and prosperity. Even the Founding Fathers did not always agree. Their debates were sometimes heated, but respectful disagreement helps us find the best way to reconcile differing opinions with true principles. 

If we share core principles, if our ultimate goal is to maximize liberty and preserve human rights, we can find common ground even if we do not agree 100% of the time.

Those whose core principles are not unified in the U.S. Constitution and Republican Party Platform will find they fit better with other parties. A careful study of the various party platforms will help citizens find the party that best align with their values.


What does this mean for the Republican Party?

It means our best strategy is to be true to ourselves. Be true to the Party Platform. Be true to the principles of liberty, prosperity, charity, and morality that makes us Republicans. We must seek unity, yes, but not at the cost of espousing Big Government/Liberal principles. Unity with bad principles is just as bad as, or worse than, being divided. 

Conservatives must unify with true principles. Elect people that understand and respect the United States Constitution, those that embody those principles, and then hold them accountable to those principles when they are in office. That is how we will win elections, and that is how we will make our county, state, and nation greater than ever before.

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  1. This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. I completely agree and I believe that a majority of conservatives agree with this. I think that when we adopt more moderate ideas there is a net loss to the party. Meaning we lose more principled conservatives than we gain of moderate conservatives. Then those principled conservative have to look elsewhere, like Libertarian party and Constitutional party. We will be a stronger party if we do exactly what this article states. Lets remain strong on the principles of the platform.


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