Utah Democrats Continue Battling Utah Conservatives4 min read

After a sound defeat of the Direct Primary Elections Act by grassroots Republicans, Utah Liberals are furiously seeking alternatives to force the petition to be on the ballot. 

“We’ll point out there were a number of signatures that should have been validated, that were invalidated,” said Rich McKeown, a Count My Vote organizer. “We’re optimistic we’ll be on it (the ballot) at the end of the day.”

Count My Vote (CMV) supporters claim to have majority support in the state. KUTV reported:

“A recent poll reportedly showed the initiative, which would make it easier for people to run under political party banners and get on “direct primary” ballots while bypassing party conventions, had roughly two-thirds support.”

But where was the poll taken? How many people were polled, and how well to they reflect Utah Voters? Were they well informed on what the bill would do, who is behind it, and its effect in other states on empowering corrupt politicians?

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'Count My Vote' to take case to Utah Supreme Court

"CMV says its lawyers are working on a filing now, and the court should have it in a couple of weeks."

It seems Utah Democrats (often found in Republican groups referring to themselves “moderates”) are determined to turn Utah into California. Utah and California could not be more different, each have been dominated by opposing principles. While Utah is finding incredible success, prosperity, and growth in small, limited government principles, California is experiencing its citizens are leaving more than they have moving in. Perhaps Utah Democrats would feel more comfortable in the Liberal Utopia of high taxes and few freedoms. 

We’ve already reported on how 4/5 of the sponsors of CMV are registered and lifelong Democrats, the dishonesty that drove the “success” in CMV’s signature gathering, and how effective telling the truth was in getting those signatures removed with 75% of CMV signers approached by pro-caucus Republicans.

“If it was done in an underhanded way, illegally, then it shouldn’t be on the ballot,” said Mary Loraine Roberson, a Provo resident and long time Republican voter.

Mary Roberson continued to say that she was approached by CMV signature gatherers, and did not sign. Yet her signature, and her husband’s, was still found on the ballot. She would not have discovered it except that a Conservative Republican volunteer came to her door to see if she wanted her signature removed. 

“I didn’t sign,” she said in a 2News interview, adding she thinks her signature was “forged.”

Do Conservatives Need to Worry?

Yes. And no.

Let’s assume CMV’s appeal is heard by the Utah Supreme Court, and that it does make it to the ballot in November.

One the one hand, 75% of signers of CMV do not support it.

On the other hand, with a misnomer like, “Count My Vote,” most people will vote for it thinking they are voting for a triumph over the Establishment, not realizing they are turning elections into a money game.

Most people hear the word “democracy” and equate it to freedom. They do not realize that pure democracy is essentially mob rule, where voting is done by the masses who do not read bills before voting for them. They were never taught in our school system, or they have forgotten, the brilliance of a republic.

What Can Be Done?

Improve the Caucus

Either way we need to be constantly improving the neighborhood caucus system.

Increase attendance, improve education. The neighborhood caucus system has the organizational structure to inform voters in ways direct primaries could never do (and were never intended to do).

Tell the Truth

While improving the neighborhood caucus system, we can also inform our neighbors of the efforts of Utah Democrats to subvert our voice through direct primary elections.

The truth is on our side, direct primaries run most of the country, and they are doing a terrible job at keeping government officials accountable. Sharing these things with our neighbors and networking with our neighbors is the best way to get our nation back. 

By simply informing our neighbors we can preserve our grassroot Conservative voices, and defeat corrupt politicians and Utah Democrats.

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