Hidden Signatures May Be Turned In A Month Late6 min read

An Expected Surprise

Utah politics seems to reflect the shenanigans of the national Democratic Party. 

Two days after the successful (and punctual) submission of roughly 2,600 signature removal forms, a stack of signature packets has mysteriously been discovered. How more than 100 packets went missing only to be discovered a month after their due date, and 2 days after the Direct Primary Election Act was likely disqualified, has many in a state of utter dismay. 

This kind of behavior becomes suspicious, especially after signature gatherers for direct primaries were caught and admitted to forging signatures, a 70% turnover rate by those informed on what was in the petition, and what appears to be Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s previous attempt to try to suppress the voice of the people in removing their signatures from a petition they do not support. Soon a pattern of dishonesty begins to form, which has many questioning how well the voice of the people is truly being represented by certain elected officials.

“I am sending these petition packets back to your office for immediate processing, and request you provide a written explanation as to why they were not processed by the close of business today.” – Lt. Governor Spencer Cox

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Utah County forgot to process a box of Count My Vote petitions

“We found one box that contained 105 petition packets that do not appear to have been reviewed by your office,” Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, the state’s top election official.

Who is Responsible?

Generally, the answer is “cui bono?” Who stands to benefit for the packets being unprocessed until after the deadline for signature removals has passed?

It appears the clerk’s office intentionally did not process 105 signature packets, but then decided to enclose the unprocessed packets upon submitting them to the Lt. Governor’s office. The unprocessed packets being discovered by the Lt. Governor’s office has led to rumors that the Utah County Clerk’s Office was intentionally withholding packets to help the pro-caucus movement, and harm the progressive’s direct primary movement. 

If that were the case, the plan would be as immoral as it was poorly implemented.

Whether you agree with the pro-caucus Keep My Voice movement or not, one thing cannot be denied. They are not idiots. 

Strategically speaking, if Keep My Voice were to collude with the Utah County Clerk to leave over 105 packets unprocessed, the next logical step would be to destroy them before they could be sent to the Lt. Governor’s office, and the collusion discovered. This begs the question: who is responsible for the packets not being process?

Keep My Voice volunteers were regularly told, “We believe there are signature packets that have not been processed in a few counties, so we have to go above and beyond the threshold we were told to be effective,” Utah County being one of those mentioned. More information on their report, including digital evidence of certain individual(s) at the clerk’s office knowing about the unprocessed packets and intentionally ignoring them, is expected to be released shortly.

What's Fair is Fair

We will let the courts make the determination of responsibility, as a serious election law was broken.

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. No one should be penalized  for the ineptitude of a clerk, or the corruption of an elected official, and each of the people who signed deserves to be counted if their signature was submitted properly and on time. 

Similarly, each of those people deserves to not be misled by Count My Vote signature gatherers, especially in the cause of forgery. If the Lt. Governor is going to count those signatures (as he likely will) he also must give those same people an equal opportunity to have their names removed from a petition do not support (as they likely don’t).

As a reminder, 70%+ of those who signed Count My Vote, when told what is in it, readily requested their signatures be removed. Will the voice of those in the missing signature packets be honored, and time be given to properly inform them of what they signed their name and support to?

Brandon Beckham, founder at KMV, with a stack of signature removal forms

If you haven’t watched this one, do it. It’s 2 minutes, and well worth your time.

Does it matter?

Of course it matters, either through Clinton level corruption or supreme ineptitude, election law was violated, and someone needs to be held accountable. 

The question many are wondering is, will this get Count My Vote back on the ballot, effectively making each election a money game?

We will not know for sure until June 1st, when the Lt. Governor will have a final tally of what is on the ballot and what is not. Of course, once any petition is on the ballot it must still be voted on in the general election. 

We do know there is talk  of pro-caucus supporters ready to pursue legal action against those responsible, if necessary.

It seems unlikely CMV will be on the ballot, as KMV and many other small government lovers worked their tails off in a variety of counties, to inform their neighbors and get signatures off the ballot in multiple counties. KMV anticipated this kind of tomfoolery, even in Utah County. Multiple reports from their staff indicate they saw the unprocessed packets, inquired about them multiple times, and were told, “not to worry about those.” 

Well, worry they did, and they proceeded under the assumption that each of those packets was uncounted and full. Even though Utah County reported only being 38 signatures over the minimum threshold, Brandon Beckham reported turning in 845 signature removals, not including mail in removals, all collected within a 3 week timespan. This was roughly 810 more than they were told they needed to remove, if nothing else you can’t help but admire their work ethic.

The concern is that the wealthiest and most powerful people in Utah tend to be opposed to the vetting process unique to the caucus system. They realize the best way to buy elections is through direct primaries, and so they are running as much propaganda in the large cities as they can, trying to make caucus a “dirty word.”

The Good News

Regardless of what happens, we know God is in control. 

On the one hand, the people get the government and society we deserve. If we end up with a direct democracy, we will have to pay the consequences and join the rest of America living with, essentially, mob rule. For a while, we will wonder why things are so bad, with everyone voting on everything and every politician whether they have studied the issues and people or not. But eventually we will learn the wisdom of the Founding Fathers when they set up a democratic republic. 

On the other hand, a small, dedicated, educated, and faithful group of patriots has saved this country multiple times before, and with our continued prayers and hard work, we will qualify for heaven’s intervention once again.

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  1. Instead of giving an overall single statement (an attention grabber) up front I had to content with details in the lead to this story. And what is a ‘removal form?’ This was a poorly written piece.

  2. The point of any news headline is to grab your attention and get you to want to read the content details. Looks like that worked out well!

    As for “removal forms,” the piece went over that concept in good enough detail that I could not explain it further in the comment section.


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