Last Effort By Utah’s “Political Elite”2 min read

In what seems to be a last ditch effort to silence the grassroots of Utah, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s office has determined to… look, I have no other way to phrase this, they decided to play games. 

For weeks the Lt. Governor the signature removal forms needed to be turned in, “by May 15th.” 

Some time today (May 14th), however, some of the pro-caucus leaders at Keep My Voice were informed the signature removal forms needed to be turned in “before May 15th.” 

After a great deal of frantic scrambling, and no short amount of 3+ hour drives to get forms turned in to the appropriate county clerk’s offices last minute, reports indicate that all signature removal forms have been successfully turned in.

A note of appreciation ought to go out to the county clerks, who have been diligent in ensuring the voice of the people is properly represented.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox

This photo is a screenshot from the Utah State Code, amended back in 2011.

Notice it clearly says, “before May 15th.”


This photo is a screenshot from the signature removal forms.

Notice it clearly says, “by May 15th.”

Source: Official Signature Removal Form

Of course mistakes can happen. No one is perfect, and we realize that. 

At the same time, we can’t help but think that if the Lt. Governor’s office were accepting anti-caucus petitions, they might have been a little more flexible, giving the benefit of the doubt and accepting the date displayed on the official Utah signature removal forms.

Of course, we would never assume this was an attempt to use a coincidental typographical mistake to ignore the voice of the people as they attempt to remove their signatures from a petition they realized they do not support. That would be unethical behavior, and so we would never make that assumption. Ever.

In the end, however, it doesn’t matter why the confusion took place. The people’s voice was represented because they were able to make an educated decision, rather than being pressured into signing a petition they realized they did not understand.

And hopefully the time spent knocking doors to better inform our neighbors will make us all a little more involved in the neighborhood caucus system the next time around. We, the people of Utah, are stronger when we are actively engaged and united in the cause of freedom.

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