America Needs More Caucuses & Less Primaries2 min read

Trust in Congress is at an all time low, and yet the incumbency rate is still 90%. What can Americans do to replace bad incumbents and get new, grassroot voices in office so we can restore our faith in Congress? 

The current prevailing system, direct primaries via signature gathering, favor the wealthy and popular. Voters tend to vote based on name recognition, not on principle. This is not because the average American is stupid, rather, it is a simple fact of human psychology. When we are unfamiliar with a situation, we will seek the familiar.

The majority of states have demonstrated for decades that the signature path/direct primaries are ineffective in consistently electing trustworthy Congressmen. Utah, on the other hand, demonstrates that the Neighborhood Caucus-Convention System is better at consistently giving grassroots candidates the advantage over those who would otherwise win by outspending the underdog.

From the article:

“As someone who has spent years recruiting and championing primary challengers to the establishment, I could write a book on how the system is irremediably broken. It is truly the nightmare our Founders envisioned that direct democracy would be, but it is even more potent in primaries, where name ID is everything.

Representative conventions are the great equalizer against the media. 

“Imagine if every red state held a convention instead of primaries and that determined the nominee on the spot? Sure, we wouldn’t win every nomination, but we’d have a better record than our five percent success rate in the House and essentially zero percent rate in the Senate.”

 Note: The following article is shared not to criticize Mitt Romney, but to demonstrate that the Neighborhood Caucus System is far more effective at giving grassroots candidates a shot, and denying popular candidates from being shooed in by the media without competition.

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