The State Central Committee (SCC) is the legislative body of the Republican Party, similar to Congress. The biggest difference? They are volunteers. No financial compensation for the time, money, and effort it takes to meet and help manage the party.

The SCC is comprised of roughly 180 regular people, most of them are elected by county delegates at the Organizing Conventions in each county.

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UtahPolicy polls may not be as objective as claimed

A closer look at UtahPolicy reveals that it is part of an elite group of individuals and interlocking organizations that have not only take a stand on public policy issues but more importantly, are dedicated to maintaining their control of public policy in Utah.

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Big Tent Republicans?

New survey found a majority from both sides of the aisle want their political party to move in the same direction — to the right.

Why? Because it works.

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Delegate Digest is dedicated the mission of protecting and rejuvenating the Neighborhood Caucus/Convention System.

We believe the best way to protect the caucus system is to rejuvenate it. Simply implementing it’s inherit organizational structure, unique at the grassroots level, will show people how genius small government representation truly is, and how vastly superior it is to pure democracy.

Rather than protecting the status quo, we need to implement modern technology to help get people to their caucus meeting, and keep them involved and informed in the time between.

Our hope is that upon seeing the caucus system fully implemented and representing their views, the citizens of Utah will laugh at attempts to subvert or destroy the caucus system.